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Appaloosa (2008)

In the opening scene a town marshal and his two deputies are killed in cold blood by a rancher when they're about to arrest two of his men. The year is 1882, the territory New Mexico, the premise a classic conflict between a rancher and townspeople who no longer want to be at the mercy of the despot. They therefore hire two professional 'peacemakers', Virgil Cole and his partner Everett Hitch, to restore law and order in the town and its surroundings. Both men are energetic and also rather ruthless, but run up against a new kind of corruption: their major opponent, Randall Bragg (the rancher who killed the Marshal and his deputies), is granted full pardon by one of his relatives, no other than the president of the United States.
Appaloosa was based on a 2005 novel by Robert B. Parker, best known for his crime novels about the private detective Spencer. It stars Ed Harris (who also directs) and Viggo Mortenson as the two hired lawmen and RenĂ©e Zellweger as Allie, a young wi…