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Rio Conchos (1964)

RIO CONCHOS (1965, Gordon Douglas)
Cast:‭ ‬Stuart Whitman,‭ ‬Richard Boone,‭ ‬Tony Franciosa, ‭ ‬Jim Brown,‭ ‬Wende Wagner,‭ ‬Warner Anderson,‭ ‬Rodolfo Acosta,‭ ‬Edmond O’Brien

Rio Conchos opens with a rather shocking scene of a white man shooting a couple of Indians from a distance in cold blood.‭ ‬What makes the scene even more uncomfortable,‭ ‬is the fact that the victims were burying one of their own.‭

The shooter is Jim Lassiter‭ (‬Richard Boone‭) ‬an ex-Confederate officer who has turned into an Apache killer after ‬the tribe has tortured his wife and children to death.‭ ‬He’s arrested by the U.S.‭ ‬Army because he’s in possession of a rifle that is part of a cache of U.S.‭ ‬Army rifles,‭ ‬stolen by a group of southern renegades,‭ ‬led by a man called Pardee.‭ ‬The renegades are now living south of the border and Pardee has planned to continue his war against the Union by arming the Apaches.‭ ‬Lassiter is offered a chance to regain his freedom if he’s willing to lead an illegal s…

The Tall T


John Sturges (1) - The Law and Jake Wade (1958)

John Sturges was a combat-documentarist during WWII and the experience served him well in a post-war Hollywood, where he became known as a very solid director of taut, suspenseful action movies, many of them westerns. Two of these westerns belong to the most popular in history, Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957) and the Kurosawa adaptation The Magnificent Seven (1960). They're fine movies, but many western fans (and I'm one of them) prefer some of his 'smaller' efforts, such as the Freudian noir-western Backlash (1956), the taut cavalry versus Indians drama Escape from Fort Bravo (1953) or the movie discussed here, The Law and Jake Wade.
It's often said that Sturges was only as good as the scripts he had to work with, but The Law and Jake Wade shows that he could make a (very) good western out of decent, but otherwise unexceptional story material.Robert Taylor is Jake Wade, a reformed outlaw, now a town Marshall. His personal code of honor tells him to save the life o…