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Lawman (1971)

Dir: Michael Winner - Cast: Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Sheree North, Lee J. Cobb, Robert Duvall, Albert Salmi, Richard Jordan, Ralph Waite, John Beck,  William C. Watson, J. D. Cannon
Lawman was helmed by British director Michael Winner. It was his first movie in Hollywood. It’s a cynical, brutally violent western and therefore many critics will tell you that the film was influenced by the spaghetti westerns. Others will tell you that it’s a remake of Man with the Gun (1955), a western directed by Richard Wilson and starring Robert Mitchum. Both statements are not without any foundation, but only tell half the truth.

Burt Lancastar is Marshall Jered Maddox, an unyielding man of the law who rides into the town of Sabbath, looking for seven cowpokes who were involved in an incident in which an old man was killed. The seven had gone on a drunken spree after they had paid a visit to the local saloon (after a hard day’s job) and there’s no doubt that the killing was accidental. The…